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    Airport shuttle Bucharest Transport

    Whether you are interested going to or coming from the airport, or interested in booking the transportation to or from the airport for a VIP or a group of persons we can offer limousines, minibuses or coaches that are brand new.

    Bucharest sight-seeing

    You can visit Bucharest by choosing a private tour of Romania's capital city with brand new comfortable cars such as: small cars, mini busses, vans or coaches. We have professional guide that can speak languages such as english, french, spanish, german or chinese.

    Employees transport

    If you are representing a company with a medium or high number of employees that need daily transportation to your facility (usualy on the outskirts of Bucharest), you can choose from our fleet of minibuses, coaches and we guarantee that your employees will always be on time for work.

    Tourist tour in Romania and Europe

    With us you can create your own tour or choose one that we already made with our customers. Whether you want to visit Romania or make a tour of Europe capital cities we can offer an impressive fleet of new, fuel efficient cars, minibusses and coaches.

    If you need more details don't hesitate to contact us.


    SC Dorini Comprodexim SRL offers complete personeel transportations inside of Romania and international.
    Our fleet can comply to all your need regarding persons transportation.
    Also, SC Dorini Comprodexim SRL offers professional services for you and it is always important that every client reaches their destination safe and sound in Romania and Europe:

    • coach rental
    • bus rental
    • minibus rental
    • employees transportation
    • airport shuttle

    DORINI TRANSPORT has one of the most professional coach rental services, with a market experience of over 20 years in the field of passenger transport. With numerous contracts and continued responsibility for the people that we worked with, the coach rental service Is one of high class, first and foremost because you will benefit from quality people, namely drivers with great experience. Hundreds of thousands of kilometers traveled safely and in optimal transport conditions, any journey that has taken place becomes a real experience.

    Suntem o companie cu multiple optiuni si servicii pentru fiecare client in parte. Unul dintre cele mai cautate si cerute servicii ale noastre este cel de inchirieri microbuze. Cu o experienta in domeniul transporturilor de peste 20 ani, serviciul de inchirieri microbuzeeste considerat unul dintre cele mai importante, deoarece exista foarte multe cereri pe piata pentru asa ceva. Dorini Transport dispune de oameni extrem de bine pregatiti si astfel soferi cu mare experienta in ceea ce priveste transportul persoanelor, asadar drumurile, indiferent daca sunt de mare distanta sau de scurta distanta, sunt realizate in conditii perfecte de siguranta si confort.

    Daca in trecut limuzinele erau asociate oamenilor bogati, in speta oamenilor de afaceri, VIP-urilor sau politicienilor, in prezent lucrurile s-au mai schimbat. Astfel, oamenii au posibilitatea inchirierii unei limuzine pentru diverse ocazii speciale din viata lor. S.C. Dorini COM PROD Exim S.R.L pune la dispozitie servicii de inchirieri limuzine pentru evenimente cum ar fi:

    • nunti
    • botezuri
    • intalniri de afaceri
    • petreceri
    • zile de nastere
    • baluri de absolvire
    • tur VIP al orasului
    • si nu numai

    The infrastructure made up of new and modern cars, allows us to get in time where we need to and to have solutions for unforeseen situations. We can set up together which is the shortest and fastest route.

    With the “Cars Rental” service, we provide multiple vehicles to ensure the optimal comfort for both medium and luxury class cars.

    Types of transport

    As an integral part of the social structure of communities around the world, coach, minibus and bus transport is an important element for everyday work including education, leisure and tourism.

    From a tourist point of view, it is one of the basic components of the touristic travel, ensuring that the tourists travel from the place of residence to the place of the holiday or on different tourist routes.

    These transport companies are the basic support of numerous travel agencies in the country and abroad. These agencies, in collaboration with roand and air transport companies offer people the opportunity to travel to their desired destinations.

    Buses and coaches perfectly complement other modes of transport by shifting commuters or passengers from the starting point to their final destination.

    Modern coaches of various transport companies offer customized services to meet the needs of all types of travel, transfer services, event organizers, travelers and tourists.

    The quality and flexibility of bus and coach transport services as key elements of mobility are all the more important as they are accesible to all. This makes them the means of transport preferred by citizens and families with low incomes.

    Road transport is at the forefront of tourism, both internationally and local. This is done by coaches, buses, minibuses and cars.

    Depending on the nature of the object, shipments can be classified as follows:

    • Passenger transport
    • Freight Transport

    Depending on the means used, shipments bay be:

    • Rail transport
    • Road transport
    • Shipbuilding
    • Air transport
    • Special or combined transport

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