About us

Who are we?

SC Dorini Comprodexim SRL was established in 1993, having as main activity the domestic and international occasional transport of persons as well as company contracts with legal entities and travel agencies for road transport services, the transport of employees to / from the workplace. Our company has competitive prices on the passenger transport market.

The company’s management is assured by a dynamic team with experience in the transportation of people, the decisions being made after a through analysis of the problems that have arisen. Our experience is permanently at the service of our clients, offering them professional transport solutions, being convinced that they will find in our company a reliable partner.

For people who need a safe and enjoyable journey, Dorini is the guarantee of success, because it recommends the experience for over 25 years, a rich fleet for any need and thousands of people brought home safely.

We develop, in conditions of quality and safety, unforgettable stories, because any trip represents more than just a way.


Our Mission

We offer complete and safe travel experience. Our staff provide high quality transportation for every journey. Each and every journey with us is meant to bring you the joy of travelling.

Our Vision

A journey is always a story. We build unforgettable memories for all that choose to travel with us.

Our Values

In over 25 years of experience we learned that people’s needs are the most important, that is what makes us improve our services and become better and better. We are trustfull and professional in all we do.

Do you need a temporary or permanent solution for transport?