Car Rental

Car Rental Bucharest

The infrastructure made up of new and modern cars, allows us to get in time where we need to and to have solutions for unforeseen situations. We can set up together which is the shortest and fastest route.

With the “Cars Rental” service, we provide multiple vehicles to ensure the optimal comfort for both medium and luxury class cars.

Why rent a car in Bucharest?

There is no general reason for the need to rent a car, but there may be unforeseen situations, such as the need to repair the personal car. Sure, you can call a taxi driver, only that this is good for a short/ urgent road, but what if the car will have to stay in service for a few days or weeks?

Another situation is when you leave town without your personal car. Renting a car with a driver is the ideal choice in this case, as it can relieve you of the stress caused by the traffic in another city.

We offer a complete price table for car rental with driver, from this table you will conclude that our car rental service is not only cheaper than taxi calling (for a longer / indefinited period of time), but it is even safer, more comfortable and you can have unplanned destinations for which you do not have to pay extra (if the taxi awaits you, you will pay extra).

Tabel Preturi – Inchirieri autoturisme

Car Year Price / Day Book
Dacia Logan 2008 25 € Order
Skoda Fabia 2008 25 € Order
Skoda Octavia 2012 30 € Order
Mitsubishi Pajero 2007 80 € Order
  • Prices are informative and they are calculated for a minimum of 200 km/day (for more kilometers the price is negociable)
  • The fuel and the car’s assurance are included in the price.