Mercedes-Benz 404 Coach

Autocar Mercedes-Benz 404

Inchiriere Mercedes-Benz 404

  • Air conditioning
  • Heater in stationary
  • Luggage space
  • Audio system
  • Station with microphone
  • Folding chairs
  • Textile tapestry
  • Two armrests / chair
  • Safety belts
  • Panoramic windows

Coach Rentals 60 seats

Our drivers are attested and we will ensure:

– 1-2 drivers

– fuel

– RCA, green card

– Travel insurance and luggage

– Drivers pay

You will provide the accommodation and the meals of the drivers, but also the road, bridge, highway, parking fees.

About Mercedes Benz 404

Mercedes-Benz is one of the world’s largest coach manufacturers, starting this activity since 1895. In 1995, Mercedes-Benz was taken over by Daimler AG.

The Mercedes-Benz 404 is a large-sized coach designed for large group transport. The coach is intended for both domestic and international road transport.

If you own a company with a very large number of employees, the Mercedes-Benz 404 is the perfect choice for group transportation in certain locations in the country or abroad, to organize teambuildings in order to stabilize and strengthen relationships between them . Of course, in addition to strengthening employee relationships, they will have a better opinion about ​​your company, demonstrating that you appreciate each and every person for what he/she is working in the company.

SC Dorini Com Prod Exim S.R.L. offers the Mercedes-Benz 404 coach car rental, manufactured in 2003, with 60 + 1 seats. The facilities are modern, designed to provide comfort, comfort and a pleasant trip to the passengers.