Mercedes Sprinter

Mercedes Sprinter minibuses come with modern amenities that offer both safety and comfort to the passengers. Our drivers are attested and we will ensure:

– 1-2 drivers

– fuel

– RCA, green card

– Travel insurance and luggage

– Drivers pay

You will provide the accommodation and the meals of the drivers, but also the road, bridge, highway, parking fees.

Mercedes Sprinter Minibus Rental


  • Air conditioning
  • Folding back seats
  • Seat belts
  • Chairs with leg rests
  • Chairs with armrests
  • Folding chairs to the aisle
  • Seats with individual table on the back
  • Seat chairs for brochures
  • Chairs from the plus
  • Heating and stationary
  • Individual reading lamps
  • Individual aerators
  • Amplifier station
  • Microphone
  • Radio
  • DVD
  • CD
  • Monitor
  • freezer
  • carpet
  • curtains
  • Minibus space for hand luggage
  • Luggage

Mercedes Sprinter Rental in Bucharest

The Mercedes Sprinter van is produced by the Mercedes-Benz brand, owned by Daimler AG.

Renting a Mercedes Sprinter is the ideal choice for companies with a big number of employees requiring transportation outside the city or in hard-to-reach locations (without public transportation services). This will avoid unpleasant situations in which employees are late for work.

However, besides transporting the employees to and from the workplace, we can organize together a teambuilding, excursions or trips in the country or abroad for various groups (employees, pupils, etc.). Of course, we can rent Mercedes Sprinter minibuses for other activities such as weddings, baptisms, various parties, etc.

SC Dorini COM PROD EXIM S.R.L. will offer for rent Mercedes Sprinter minibuses manufactured between 2015-2020 with 16 + 1, 17 + 1, 19 + 1 or 20 + 1 seats depending on the number of people to be transported, at the best prices.